Sparkle N' Stitch  ~ A monthly subscription for the sewing enthusiasts.

Sparkle N' Stitch ~ A monthly subscription for the sewing enthusiasts.

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Are you looking for a hobby?


Overwhelmed because you really don’t know where to begin? ​


Let us supply you with a project every month!


​You deserve a little retail therapy without going to the store. We ship your next project right to your door.


So, what is Sparkle N’ Stitch?

It’s a monthly subscription for sewing enthusiasts. Lori and her team handpick items every month to create a new project for you! We give you a sample idea of what to do with the items but you are your own creator. If you don’t like our idea, we won’t be offended. We just want to help you create! Sparkle N’ Stitch projects are curated for our Subscribers ONLY! You will not see this in Pixie Dust Designs store selling for retail. This is an exclusive box just for you!


You are ready to join the Sparkle N’ Stitch fun on a monthly recurring basis IF:

  • You already know how to sew and you have a sewing machine.
  • You love sewing but don’t have the time to get to the store, pick out your project and then finish the project before the work week starts again.
  • You would love to start a little side biz (either for a hobby or getting ready to really go for it!)
  • You love surprises and can’t wait to see what the next project idea and products might be.


This monthly subscription is not for you IF:

  • You don’t know how to sew ‘nor do you have a sewing machine and other necessary items.
  • If you are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to sew and complete the recommended project. We give project idea(s) based on the included products, but we do not include instructions on how to complete it.


What's Included:

  • Fabric of Lori and team’s choice. (We promise it will be amazing!)
  • Various accessory items to go with the fabric.
  • Post card of a sample project you COULD make with the items in the box.
  • Monthly T-Shirt

**How will I get charged?
 You will be charged monthly for our monthly membership. 

ALERT: Once item has shipped it is hard telling how long it will take to get to you in these trying times. We have no control of the shipping once it leaves our hands.

**Items ship on or around the 18th of a month.


IF you are on a Waitlist: By joining the waitlist, you are signing up to receive an 'open for purchase' notice for the next box which is always two months out. (I.e. If today is March 16th, you will be on the waitlist to purchase the May box as orders for the April box closed on March 15th!) 

Please note: The month in which you receive your box will depend on your date of purchase. If you purchase between the 1st and the 15th of any given month, you will receive a box the following month. If you purchase between the 16th and the final day of any month, you will receive your box two months out. (I.e. If today is May 12th, you will receive your purchased box in June. If today is May 18th, you will receive your purchased box in July).

Cancel at any time.

*Note: Shipping on these are 1X a Month. Your Sparkle N' Stitch Box will NOT ship until the 2nd to 3rd week of a given month. Any questions ask before purchasing. Once purchased there is no refund. However, you may cancel anytime, the cancellation will process for the following month.


Receive 10% off your next order by signing up.  NO obligation, unsubscribe anytime.